Sports Chiropractic

img_0981Chiropractic is a conservative healthcare profession, which focuses primarily on nervous and musculoskeletal conditions.  The most common reasons a patient may visit a chiropractor are due to pain in the joints of the back, neck, or arms/legs.

Sports chiropractic looks at the entire body of the patient as a single functional unit.  If any one piece of the puzzle is out of balance then it is going to affect other parts of the body.  In order to determine what is causing pain or limiting performance in a patient, the chiropractor will determine areas of dysfunction within the entire body.  This allows the chiropractor to not only address the painful area, but also to determine what has caused this dysfunction in the first place.

The main treatment tool utilized by chiropractors is the chiropractic “adjustment”.
Chiropractic adjustment is a controlled force that is delivered to specific parts of the patient’s body where joint hypo-mobility is present. When hypo-mobility is present in the joints of the spine or extremities it can lead to damaging biomechanical, chemical, and physiological changes within the body.  These changes lead to the pain and inflammation that bring many patients to a chiropractic office.  By removing these areas of hypo-mobility, the patient has the ability to heal properly and function at an optimal level.  Chiropractic adjustments may be delivered by hand, or utilizing an adjusting instrument in order to provide a safe and comfortable adjustment for all patients.

Dysfunction may originate from a recent injury or trauma, a past injury or trauma, or repetitive stresses that are placed on the
joints as a part of normal every day life.  No matter what the cause of dysfunction is, chiropractors are trained to identify the problem, and administer treatment to remove the cause of the problem.

Along with dysfunction of the joints, sports chiropractors must also assess the soft
tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia) that surround the joints.  Loss of tone (weakness) or increased tone (spasm) may place an additional stress on the joints.  The joints and the soft tissues must both be free of dysfunction in order for the patient to be able to function at an optimal level and sustain a life free of pain.  In order to
address the soft tissues, the chiropractors at United Sport Solutions may use any or all of the following treatment protocols:

Active Release Technique (ART)

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

Fascial Movement Taping (FMT)

The goal of sports chiropractic care at United Sport Solutions is 3-fold.

Put out the fire- The first goal of care is to provide patients with relief from acute or chronic pain.  Removal of pain breaks the pain/inflammation cycle and allows the patient to start healing properly.
Determine the cause of dysfunction- Once the patient is pain free, the next step is to determine what areas of dysfunction are present within the body that are causing the patient to experience pain.  This is a process that is individualized and specific to each patient.  Over the course of a few sessions, the doctor and patient will work together in order to establish a comprehensive understanding of what has occurred within the patients body.
Promote self reliance- The final phase of care is designed to prevent re-occurrence of injury in the patient.  This phase of care involves both treatments within the office, and strategic exercises given to the patient for home-care.

Care plans are designed to meet the needs of each individual patient.  In order to provide patients with the highest level of care possible, we work with a team of the best doctors and professionals in the area.  When necessary, we refer to these specialists in order to ensure that our patients receive nothing but the highest level of care.

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Welcome to the United Sport Solutions team!