United Sport Solutions

Enhance your health and well-being with noninvasive, drug-free chiropractic care. Our multi-disciplinary and research backed methods will ensure you get the right care for your individual needs. Utilizing manual joint manipulations, active release technique, and a variety of other treatment modalities to restore movement to joints and soft tissues throughout your body.

Traditional vs Sports Chiropractic

The focus of traditional chiropractic is adjusting the spine in order to treat neuromuscular conditions.  The goal of this care is to reduce pain and improve function of the nervous system. This type of care offers numerous benefits to patients, but often times can fall short with patients who regularly exercise and participate in athletic endeavors.

While sports chiropractic often times still involves spinal adjustments, it also incorporates a variety of other treatment modalities in order to address sports related injuries and improve performance in these activities. Treatments in sports chiropractic may include spinal and extremity adjustments (manual or instrument based), therapeutic exercise, myofascial release (Active Release Technique and/or Grastin), cupping, and taping. These treatments average 15-30 minutes compared to a traditional adjustment that lasts about 3-5 minutes.

What we offer

Our practice offers a series of services to benefit people both young and old, slightly uncomfortable and in severe pain. Whether you are looking for relief care, preventative care, or maintenance care – you are in good hands!
Along with chiropractic care, we also provide our patients with wellness seminars, exercise advice, and lifestyle guidance. If you are interested, we also offer  massage therapy, cupping, and Nasal Specific Technique.

We Care about you

Your health is our top priority. Specializing in sports chiropractic care, we care for each patient individually. You deserve personalized care that encourages lasting health. Join a practice that cares! We look forward to getting to know you and helping you become a stronger and faster athlete or just promoting overall health for daily life.